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Tailor results to your needs

Our advanced filters allow you to list channels according to highly granular parameters – making it easy to identify opportunities based on activity, reach and audience demographics.

  • Hours Watched
  • Peak Viewers
  • Average Viewers
  • Authorized Viewers
  • Air Time & Activity
  • Viewers & Followers Growth
  • Channel Type & Country

...and all of this can be combined with language, game and time period filters.


Stream graph interval

Choose a stream and see graph intervals disaggregated by minutes (10 and even 5 minutes). You can also compose selected streams to see all these stats on one graph. Each interval will give you next detailed stats:

  • Number of all viewers
  • Authorized Viewers
  • Followers Gain
  • What games were broadcasting
  • Stream’s clips

Create your own channel lists

Keep an eye on your own streaming roster, potential partners, your competitors – or simply your favorite streamers: Custom lists provide an overview of the key metrics whenever you need it.

Today, you can find nearly any type of content on platforms like Twitch. The more important it becomes to focus on the channels that are relevant to you. And this right here is the easiest way to do it.


Export data as .CSV

Make our numbers work for you: Download any statistics in a handy .CSV format and use them for advanced calculations, visualizations and reportings, or simply to save some time.

Whatever it is you have in mind: Your Excel skills are the limit.


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Why Streams Charts?


Identify the most relevant streamers and studios for any partnership or campaign.


Know what streamers are growing the fastest, and how to build a roster that stands out.


Understand what is trending in any particular region, and know exactly how to benefit from this knowledge.


All relevant data in one place: Measure performance, evaluate opportunities and benchmark results.